AdWords and YSM Pay Per Click Advertising.

Immediate Data recommend PPC campaigns on Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing Call us to make it happen for you.

PPC (pay per click) campaigns pay for themselves.

Do you know if your existing campaigns pay for themselves?

If they don't, or if you don't know one way or the other then you need help - you need our help - a campaign is not a campaign unless you know what you want, and can see if you are getting it! Contact us now.

PPC campaigns are not about raising awareness or brand recognition.

PPC campaigns are about making conversions by achieving goals.

This is the only way to judge a PPC campaign , and the only basis on which we work on PPC compaigns.

We will help you identify your goals and build a PPC campaign that you can measure against those goals.

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Latest (Mar 2010)

  • Addition of a .NET Content Mangement system for a Motor Acessories Retailers website.
  • Build a Content Mangement system for a Perfumery, to allow editing of prices etc on their existing ASP site.
  • Build an ASP Competition Microsite to support a 12,000,000 pack promotion.

White Papers/Reviews

Recent Wins

  • Adwords campaign management for a number of micro-businesses
  • Support/maintainance for natural fibre e-retailer
  • Microsite in 7 lanaguages and supporting HTML email
  • Charity donations website - payment provider switchover